A Practical Example of Selling Yourself as a Way of Life

Real Estate

Regarding John McDermott’s  experience in Real Estate it started many years ago when he was asked by his friend Conrad Stienhobel, who had created a very large and household name real estate company in the Northern Suburbs of Johannesburg-Steinhobel Ellis- being the market leaders in the ever expanding suburb of Bryanston, to become the major shareholder by buying all the shares belonging to their conveyancing lawyer, David Munro.

John duly became the major shareholder and this was the  start in his newfound  passion to get involved with promoting and marketing luxury peerless homes. So much more enjoyable to sell something of beauty that you truly love. At the same time he opened the company’s first Commercial Division in the very fast growing location of Midrand.

Latterly, for the last 8 years John has been actively involved in marketing high-end luxury properties in Cape Town and Plettenberg Bay, having worked for Engel and Voelkers and Fine and Country. Now very well entrenched and tremendously happy, with wonderful complimentary Chinese lady partner, to be part of Harcourts Atlantic, the fastest growing major real estate company in South Africa, where Jorica and he created an International Private Office and concluded a partnership with Barnes Private Office  London, who are affiliated to Barnes International. Find out more information on the official website - www.harcourtsatlanticinternationalprivateoffice.com .

John’s speciality is his narrated videos on very special peerless properties together with his truly unique wonderful writing style commended by all.

John was also inspired to write a book, second edition, ‘’Selling Yourself as a Way of Life,’’ based on his marvellous ability to interact with people at all levels, and on which he conducts motivational talks. The art of being able to sell yourself successfully to all and sundry. He tells you on how to sell as opposed to the norm of what to do. The late Nelson Mandela was the epitome of having such a wonderful aptitude of selling himself to all South Africans and to the rest of the world. What an icon.

From Sales Representative to Chief Executive John has always been recognised for his strengths in marketing and selling, in a widely diverse spectrum of business fields- real estate being one of them- and sizes of operations, including his own, consistently achieved the highest sales figures, concluded the most/biggest contracts and won the greatest number of special achievement awards. He attributes  these  exponential  successes to total commitment at all times, proper ethics/behaviour, total honesty,   being adaptable, always dedicated to the task on hand, tolerant, patient, genuinely caring, a good listener and neither boring nor overbearing-so obvious by so many real estate agents- and most importantly ‘’impeccable manners,’’ traits which have been the foundation of John’s life. Many comment as being ‘old school’ with which John totally disagrees as his tried and proven ongoing success is based on these very noticeable principles, sadly a dying generation.


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