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Being the author of ‘’Selling Yourself as a Way of Life,” I  base my motivational talks on the same simplicity set of steps - as shown in my book - that should be followed to be a winner in any vocation or activity which demands understanding the fundamental principles of human interaction - The Game of Life - and putting  these most necessary principles into practice for ultimate guaranteed success. For a new initiate or someone already in the game but was never taught how to play, or a veteran who’s forgotten the rules and needs  pick-me-up to get back onto the playing field, I have been able to draw on my incredible wealth of real-life business experience, spanning over 55 years, now in a high tech age, to teach the forgotten simple art of interacting - forgotten by so many - giving us a timely reminder of the true genuine basics of communication, "Selling Yourself".

I set out to write my book and replicate with motivational speaking in the same manner, that of it being straightforward, while the advice I give is based on logic and common sense. These attributes combine to make "Selling Yourself as a Way of Life" an easy read, easy to absorb at my motivational talks, not boring,  and - most importantly of all - easy to apply on an ongoing, daily basis. It will improve your self-image dramatically, your sales ability tremendously, your confidence in corporate/company speaking presentations and allow you to create your very own most successful interpersonal skills.

My talks centre around impeccable old-fashioned school manners - sadly a dying art in today’s busy world - the importance of being well mannered, well groomed, well presented and to acquire the ability and aptitude in being able to interact effectively with persons at every level - so as to be liked by others. People in general, irrespective of vocation, want to deal with people they like and respect, those who show dedication, total commitment, proper ethics/behaviour, manners, being adaptable, tolerant, patient, genuinely caring, a good listener, neither boring nor overbearing.

I have found and proved beyond any doubt, that my exponential successes were attributed to the foregoing traits which have been the foundation of my life, which inspired and prompted me to write my book, second edition, "Selling Yourself as a Way of Life", and on which sales and motivational talks, I have seen and will see many more ongoing successes by those reading my book, or attending my motivational talks, on my intensely practical guide in making yourself more successful. That is a guarantee.

Motivational Speaking: About Me


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"It was wonderful to catch up recently with an old friend and motivational speaker, John McDermott, who I can highly recommend as a guest speaker.

He started out as a Motivational speaker in 2008 - speaking to the Sanlam year-end function in Durban. Then followed Absa's Black Empowerment Entrepreneurial Award in Cape Town and he has gone on to be a guest speaker at many events from school-leaver events at top schools in Cape Town, and in the townships to our own Hirsch's Networking groups in Cape Town. He has received many complimentary replies from attendees as to how he has improved their social skills and this has resulted in improved success in sales, better relationships with their customers, business colleagues, family and friends."

"This serves to confirm that Hirschs on behalf of Businesswomen South Africa, invited John McDermott to speak at our annual event in Fourways Johannesburg earlier this year. Johns talk was humorous, inspirational and kept the audience enthralled!"

Margaret Hirsch

The Executive Director of the Hirsch's Group

More references are available on your request

Motivational Speaking: Testimonials


I find this motivational poem by an unknown author to be particularly apt.

You tell on yourself by the friends you seek,

By the very manner in which you speak,

By the way you use your leisure time,

By the way you spend each dollar and dime.

You tell what you are by the things you wear,

By the sort of things about which care,

By the kind of things that make you laugh,

By the records you play on your phonograph.

You tell what you are by the way you walk, 

By the things of which you like to talk,

By the manner in which you take defeat,

And especially by the way you eat.

By the books you choose from your well-filled shelf,

In thousands of ways you tell on yourself,

So there really isn't a bit of sense,

In keeping up a false pretence!

Motivational Speaking: About

"If you want to change the world, start with YOURSELF. "

Mahatma Gandhi

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