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I am acknowledged for coining the phrase ‘’A sale is not a sale unless sold at a profit, and most importantly, paid for. Easy to give away something for nothing!”

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To be a winner in any vocation or activity demands understanding the fundamental principles of human interaction - The Game Of Life - and putting these into practice with perfection.


is the key to unlocking your full potential and the roadmap to the destination you seek - guaranteed success!

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John has set out to show you HOW to DO, others only tell you what to do

the KEY difference betwen John's books and all other books on the same subject of selling

Winning formula encompasses many aspects, including what to DO and NOT DO in given situations, John has set out to show you HOW to go about realising these transformations, by helping you understand what selling is actually about. Without people to close sales, no business transaction would ever take place. A large US company, Southwestern Petroleum Corporation’s Formula for Success: “The selling profession has been the backbone of the Free World Economic System since before recorded time."

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About Author

John Beyers McDermott

John Beyers McDermott with many years successful experience in marketing and selling- from Sales Representative to Chief Executive- always been recognised for his strengths in selling, marketing and ability to interact most effectively with people at every level.These qualities are born of his ability to sell himself-market himself. The late Nelson Mandela was the epitome of such great aptitude.

As a result, John has throughout his lengthy business career in a widely diverse spectrum of business fields and sizes of operations, including his own, consistently achieved the highest sales figures, concluded the most/biggest contracts and won the greatest number of special achievement awards. Resulting from the foregoing John was inspired to embark on writing a book ‘’Selling Yourself as a Way of Life’’ second edition, and thereby able to share with all and sundry such success.

He attributes these exponential successes to total commitment, proper ethics/behaviour, honesty, being adaptable, tolerant, patient, genuinely caring, a good listener, neither boring nor overbearing and most importantly, having impeccable manners which were drummed into him by his late mother at a very young age. ‘’Manners Maketh Man-Manners Maketh Woman.” Politeness and good manners are essential to humanity, be it in business or with family and friends. These traits have been the foundation of John’s life.

John's mother was of Cape-Afrikaans stock- the Beyers lineage - and his father an American diplomat. After schooling at Michaelhouse in the Midlands region of KwaZulu-Natal, he attended a naval academy in the US before returning to South Africa and studying at the University of Cape Town. John travelled the world extensively and has four daughters and a son from two previous marriages, along with seven grandchildren and one great grandchild.

A very keen sportsman, he has entered and completed numerous Comrades Marathons, as well as extreme cycle challenges such as the Cape Argus and Tour de Natal. John goes to the gym on a regular basis, walks a great deal and loves the outdoors. He follows all sports, especially rugby and cricket, and occasionally plays a round of golf, although never setting the course alight!

John McDermott presently resides in Cape Town. 

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Selling Yourself as a Way of Life

Second edition, 2012

Having the ability to sell oneself is of vital importance, especially in today's tough times. The 'pie' has shrunk, but more and more individuals are striving to earn a slice; universities and colleges churn out graduates, but job-candidates consistently outnumber positions vacant; would-be entrepreneurs are flocking to the cities, but few are adequately equipped with the life-skills required to succeed and prosper. 

What's needed is an edge over one's competitors, be it in a job interview or vying with the sales reps of rival companies or creating a market share for one's own start-up business. This book reveals how to acquire that advantage, and the formula is laid out in straightforward, easy to follow steps born of the author's own experience that spans over half a century. 

To be a winner in any vocation or activity demands understanding the fundamental principles of human interaction- The Game Of Life-and putting these into practice with perfection. For a new initiate or someone already in the game but was never taught how to play, or a veteran who's forgotten the rules and needs a pick-me-up to get back on the field, the wisdom contained in the pages of this book will be of great and lasting value. 

SELLING YOURSELF AS A WAY OF LIFE is the key to unlocking your full potential and the roadmap to the destination you seek- guaranteed success!

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"Nothing happens until someone makes a sale"

30th President of the United States, Calvin Coolidge

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"While it is extremely difficult for me to reduce to words my highest level of admiration for you and your capabilities, I have attempted to do so in the attached letter of recommendation. You have truly amazed me at times and working with you has always been a rewarding pleasure. Indeed, I am proud to consider you a great friend and mentor. 

The strength of your sales and marketing skills that prompted SRS, Inc. to invest in a 50 million Rand process plant for the South Africa market.

The SRS staff has always appreciated the loyalty, honesty and professionalism that you brought to our association. I will personally miss your energy and self-motivating perseverance that I view as your trademark characteristics." 

Stephen F.Martinez

Vice President SRS. Inc. Operations

John Wayne

A founding director of SRS in 1971 &

An American Legendary Actor

Brian Horne

SRS Director


"I have known John Mcdermott since 1974 and have been associated with him in several successful international business ventures. For the past ten years, he has been a Director and Managing Director of Separation and Recovery System (Pty) Ltd., a subsidiary of SRS Inc. an Irvine California U.S.A., a firm in which I was one of the largest shareholders.

During his tenure with SRS Pty headquarters in Durban South Africa John excelled in his responsibilities, especially in developing and maintaining an online dialogue with key South African customers, to the extent that he procure the company's first multi-million dollar contract.

What I have seen first hand is that John is an energetic hands-on corporate executive who has total dedication to meeting the company's bottom line objectives with the ability to motivate his people accordingly.

I highly recommend and endorse John to any company that requires a productive and profit orient managing director - he is outstanding."

Margaret Hirsch.jpg

"It was wonderful to catch up recently with an old friend and motivational speaker, John McDermott, who I can highly recommend as a guest speaker.

He started out as a Motivational speaker in 2008 - speaking to the Sanlam year-end function in Durban. Then followed Absa's Black Empowerment Entrepreneurial Award in Cape Town and he has gone on to be a guest speaker at many events from school-leaver events at top schools in Cape Town, and in the townships to our own Hirsch's Networking groups in Cape Town. He has received many complimentary replies from attendees as to how he has improved their social skills and this has resulted in improved success in sales, better relationships with their customers, business colleagues, family and friends."

Margaret Hirsch

The Executive Director of the Hirsch's Group

richard gray.jpg

I am fortunate to call myself a colleague of John McDermott. We both work together at Harcourts. John was kind enough to give me a personally autographed copy of his book “Selling Yourself as a Way of Life”. It was a great read and gave an intensely practical guide to making yourself more successful. Unlike many overly complicated books on the same topic, John has been able to draw on his incredible wealth of real life experience, to provide a simple set of steps that should be followed by everyone in business.

John’s strong value system and awareness of how to interact with many different types of people, comes through strongly in the book. In a high tech age, where many people have forgotten the simple art of interacting, this gives us a timely reminder of the basics of communication.

This is a great book that should be read both by people entering the business world, right through to experienced business people. I highly recommend it.

Richard Gray

CEO of Harcourts South Africa

To Whom it may concern:

John McDermott was engaged as an associate partner with Bluprints from 1st. February 2012 to 31 March 2014. 

In that time I found John to be highly driven, conscientious, personable, and totally reliable. His gregarious nature and ability to get on with everyone endeared him to customers and colleagues alike. His intellectual investment in writing a book about sales skills crystalized his expertise in this discipline, which shone through in all his people interactions. 

John has a big heart, a gentle soul, and a fiery professional drive to succeed. 

We will miss him. 


Guy Martin

Managing Director of Bluprints

Oscar Emetuei.jpg

I just want to say John's book is inspiring! It's my book read for the month of March.

Oscar Emetuei

Speaker & Coach | Africa's Top Life & Business Strategist


John McDermott is a man of many talents and an icon for me.

I met John 4 years ago at a function and found his life experience overwhelming also becoming a very dear friend of mine and when starting my new business I called him first for some advice etc.

So when he told me he wrote a book about selling I thought I must get one.

I have been in the motor industry all of my life and have done every sales and selling course under the sun but after reading John’s book it has reminded me of a lot of thing that I have already forgot again.

Thank you John for writing this book I really think it is something every sales person should have and refer back to it from time to time.

In the sales industry there is always something sales people forget…..honesty ,integrity and to not promise what you can’t deliver.

Rather over deliver than under deliver !

If You do not have this book in your draw then  I suggest you get one right away….”SELLING YOURSELF AS A WAY OF LIFE”

John I wish you all the success with this book and hope you write another one.

Hilgard Muller

Director & Founder of The Dealers Group


An immensely FRESH READ – what you KNOW for sure, but fail to implement or, slip up in doing – during the scuffling day to day -  through life.

Selling yourself as a way of life-  by John Beyers McDermott. – ISBN 978-1-920315-81-8 – Just Done Productions.

First about the Author, John is an absolute gentleman. Impeccable old school manners. Refreshing attitude, positive outlook and carries extremely varied, professional, global work experience.

A light and easy read to remind us that upbringing, training, education, places of employment, has taught us many things. However, DO WE implement what we have been taught, each hour, every day! This compilation will certainly provide that.

John points out how simple and important it is to be well mannered, well groomed, well presented and generally – be kind to yourself and others , equally.

This book relates to the success of sales people, in a competitive world. For me, I have taken many tips from the book, for applying to a broad sense of life, in all situations.

A very easy instruction/lesson, written in perfect eloquence, with humorous artwork/illustrations. A book to complete without putting down. Pick up at any time, on any page, for inspiration and a reminder of WHAT YOU CAN BE – ALWAYS, with the inspiration of John McDermott.

I highly recommend this deliverance, and cherish my PERSONALLY AUTOGRAPHED version.

Miri Moore

Reader & Property Consultant at Harcourts Western Seaboard

Pieter van der Merwe.jpg

The book is a very practical and down to earth guide for anyone looking to improve their interactions with their fellow humans. Johns’ down to earth but straight forward advice will add value to anyone, both in their personal and professional lives.

Pieter van der Merwe

Reader & Inter Property Consultant at Harcourts Two Oceans


Fundamentals are the keys to success, often we overlook the basic principles that mould us into excellence. This is an excellent book focusing on the building blocks of creating a respectable personal brand for entrepreneurs or for someone who is looking into the world of entrepreneurship. This is one of the few books out there that not only focuses on the “what to do” but most importantly on the  “how to do”.

Cecilia Liu

Reader & Self-Employed


I have known John for over 8 years as his mentee and business partner in the real estate industry. We created an International Private Office, for those clients who want to get exceptional service and keep their private lives private, at Harcourts Atlantic, Cape Town.

Over the past 8 years, John has played a major role in mentoring me by understanding the upper business environment in South Africa and developing my social and life skills to adapt very easily to South African business challenges, as a result,  I could be able to integrate the essence of Chinese culture into Western business cultures.

I achieved an Honours Degree in Economics at a Univerisity in Bristol, England, but John’s mentorship and book truly help me to apply the theory to the practice as well as my business English skills. I am fully aware and truly appreciate this is a lifetime benefit I have learned from him, and hence I sincerely and strongly would love to recommend  John’s mentoring and book to those persons who want to develop and improve their social/life skills.

Jorica Jin

Mentee , Reader & Business Partner


I was gifted a personal signed copy of this book, and it hasn’t left my side yet.  No matter how long you’ve been in the selling industry, or what qualifications you have, there is always a nugget of advice in this book, guiding you along the way.  One may think you know all there is to know – and then you read this book. 

Not being directly involved in selling property, I can objectively observe how the application of these principles can change your entire career.  Over the years I’ve seen and experienced all kinds of new and experimental strategies, but ‘new’ isn’t always ‘improved’.  I would highly recommend this book as a must-have for any selling professional.

Bronwyn Scholtz

Reader & Office Manager at Harcourts Atlantic / Winelands

More references are available on your request

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I refer to an appropriate quotation by Matt Bevin “While it may seem small,  the ripple effects of small things is extraordinary.” Having social skills ability - ‘Selling Yourself’- might appear to be a small strategy but you can have my assurance it creates exceptional results, as proven by myself over and over again as attested by some references

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